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Empire of (Dis)Illusion

December 27, 2011

I just finished up a pretty depressing book, am pretty down on America at the moment, and could use a little positive visioning. I know things are going down the tubes. I know our economy is tanking. I know we’re getting dumber in some ways (although perhaps smarter in others?). I know I probably won’t have any Medicare in my old age. It’s the beginning of February, and it hasn’t dipped below freezing for more than a week running this winter. I get it.

But I’m getting really sick of doomsday prophecies, without some kind of positive counter-image I can grasp onto. Because I think media doom and gloom freaks people out and turns us into deer-in-headlights, just waiting to be mowed over by whatever crushing societal/governmental/economic force is barreling at us. People need positive images that compel us in new directions. (And I’m also starting to suspect that visual images may be more compelling than print-based imagery these days…)

Fortunately, I also happen to have discovered a home remedy for a case of “America Blues”: Norman Rockwell. More specifically, Rockwell’s “Four Freedoms” series. Makes me want a little more for our nation than all the ambient fear and negativity that’s been floating around.

Have a look at the paintings here .

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