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Because I could not stop…

February 15, 2012

I found out yesterday that my grandma (my mom’s mom) died, and that we’ll be heading down to Iowa this weekend for a funeral. I’ve been through grandparents’ deaths before, but this is my last grandparent to die, which feels more finite somehow. It’s got me thinking about a few things…

  • Rarely do I get to see my parents in their role as children. The death of a grandparent is one of those rare occasions. And it feels scary. And it also feels important.
  • Rarely in our society do we actively allow ourselves to pause. We hardly ever fight for our right to recenter and create some space. Death, though, seems to be one of those things that we still have a little respect for. Perhaps not as much as in other parts of the globe, but people in my little part of America still do seem to step aside and give death some room. (I always think about bereavement fares on airlines here, for example.) And I’m convinced we’d be a pretty sick society if this weren’t the case. Although I wonder: if we gave death a little more room in our day-to-day lives, would we maybe also be clearing a little more space for life?
  • I listened to a podcast recently that got me excited about the power of mourning, and rituals in mourning. Check out Moth Radio Hour 401, Segment 2 . It’s a good story.
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