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Not your grandparents’ technology…

May 1, 2012

We’re at a phase in history where we still speak of “technology” and the effect “it” is having on us and our culture. And everybody seems to share some vague idea of just what this “technology” is and how to be excited/alarmed/confused/hyperbolic/apathetic/joyous/etc. about it.

And yet, I’m pretty sure the “technology” we talk about today typically no longer includes gramophones, or Xerox machines, or Velcro, or refrigerators, or the telegraph.

So I wonder: in this moment in time, what makes something “technology”? Is “technology” that which elicits strong emotional reactions? Forces us to reflect on novelty and continuity? Amuses us? Helps us to see the contingencies of our current moment? Seduces us with new opportunities? Or something else entirely?

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